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It's been April since I made an entry here. I took a mong-long break from working on the knowledge base, but I resumed and concentrated on tracking current events and expanding the connections among nations.


My version of the knowledge base is now sufficiently live to track current events, and I have been keeping up with them for a couple of weeks now.  I have a summary of events for the month of August and each week in it. The most active current project is a similar summary for July, and another for the third quarter so far.  It seems like a lot of work for small result, but a great deal of it has been overhead and scaffolding that will make it easier to more rapidly construct summaries of weeks and months.


I find that I don't have enough nations or cities connected to do enough analysis of the United States at a finer level than the early 2010s. These are also an immediate project, but I want to at least get the summaries for July and August done.


I had thought the protests in Egypt over the removal of Mohammed Morsi had subsided, but evidently not. This will most likely be a source of unrest for some time to come.


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