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I indirectly referred to my Knowledge Base on my Facebook account as my "Visualization of the Cosmic All". Actually, I can visualize a great deal more than I can write down, but without the attention to detail and discipline of creating the links and looking up specifics, the visualization gets murky. My picture of prehistory is getting down to the level of specific nations. Antiquity has a fairly decent rough outline of Asian history except for the Middle East, and classical and medieval history has Western civilization mostly referred to. The short version is that I'm still missing the most important parts. Modern history would be more limited, except that the US and Brazil have become important nations. For the latest cycle, I so far have only the broadest, vaguest generalities of the mid 20th century. A good part of what I have been doing for the past week is linking pieces of history to the social institutions; religion, government, and economics, mostly. The idea is to eventually fill in the outline of history with details of particular nations, works, individuals, etc.
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