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No, he is not sorry. He lied, is lying now, will keep lying, and is a liar. He said "If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. Period." Then, when cancellations began to flow in, he claims that "period" meant "if it didn't change after the law was passed". Under his leadership, the Democratic Majority in the Senate voted unanimously for legislation that would make that provision apply to nearly all of them. The potential fallout of people thinking he had made a false promise was discussed by his advisers, and he went ahead and made it anyway. This was not even a political promise of good intentions, derailed by unforeseeable circumstances, as he pretends. This was a politically calculated deceit, a promise that knew could not be kept and had no intention of keeping. It was intended to reassure his supporters and placate his adversaries. For the past month, he has been blaming opponents, insurers, and everyone except his own administration. The only thing he actually said he is sorry for is that people believed his promises. The only thing he really really is sorry for is that the site was so badly designed that it crashed on takeoff, and didn't provide enough of a cover of apparent success to blunt the public's anger when the cancellation letters began to appear. Obama has built his entirely political career on the tactics of deceit. For him to start telling the truth now would destroy it. He's squirming, but he's not nearly desperate enough yet.
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