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The President announced that he's not happy with the rollout of [Who is?] but it's already a big success with a million and half applications filled out and all of a hundred thousand signed up [of about seven million needed by March], and four hundred thousand signed up for Medicare [gotta love that contributor/recipient ratio] and it's gotten better [about like a D is a big improvement over an F] and he hears loud and clear that people are upset about their insurance being canceled and he promised that he would do everything could to fix this problem and [that he promised in the first place wouldn't exist] and offers up an idea to fix it [yay] and talked about a grandfather clause [which didn't actually apply to 98% of plans], and about how it's the state insurance regulators who actually decide what kinds of plans can be sold, but he's [graciously] going to allow the kinds of plans he called junk a few weeks ago to be sold, [never mind what the law and the HHS regulation writers have on the books] and require insurers to advertise the virtues of their newer, better [more expensive, less comprehensive] plans and the tax credits that are going to pay for them [Riiight] and he's going to work with Democrats and Republicans to fix the law [without letting Republicans muck with it] and tell people to keep shopping around and there's a good [i.e. very skinny] chance they'll find something that is better and cheaper and he promises to get the ACA working. [For real, this time]. We also learned that he understands the frustration and pain that people are going through but they aren't giving him enough credit for the good stuff and this insurance stuff is complicated. [That's supposed to make it all better?] Also that he wasn't informed directly about the fact that the web site was failing tests and unready to go live [am I to understand that he heard people talking about it and didn't follow up?] Also, that he admits that his promises were "not accurate". [About like the Space Shuttle Challenger suffered "obviously, a major malfunction"] So, is Barak Obama an unscrupulous lying weasel or a feckless incompetent? On the basis of this press conference, I would have to say, Yes. Both. Still.
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