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The Upton Amendment, a Republican initiative that would allow 2014 health-plans to be continued on 2013 terms, and thus amend the ACA to allow Obama's promise, "if You like your plan you can keep your plan" to be partly kept, passed the House of Representatives with 39 Democrat votes. It is doubtful that Senate Majority leader Reid will allow the Senate to consider it, now that influential backers of the ACA have announced their support for competing but similar measures. It would only take a few defectors from the thin Democratic majority to signal that Reid can no longer keep the his party in line. Even if it does somehow get through the Senate, Obama has announced his intention to veto it. Of course. Obama's promise was a politically motivated lie from the beginning because the very intent of the ACA was to force expanded low-cost coverage of those who it would otherwise be too expensive for companies to insure, and everyone else would see their costs rise. But the potential failure of Obamacare is likely to generate toxic fallout for Republicans as well. The ACA has an expensive bail-out provision for insurers if their costs for compliant plans get too expensive; one which it will be economically irresponsible to fund but would let Democrats portray them as heartless not to fund.
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