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The responses of leading Democrats to the charges that they lied about ObamaCare are mindboggling. 1) "If we had told the truth, we couldn't have passed the legislation." Anyone using that one is not only confessing to dishonesty but to manipulating constituents rather than representing them. That representative should be summarily evicted from office. 2) "The new plans are better than the old, which were junk". Anyone using that one is either lying or delusional. Most of the millions of people whose insurance has been cancelled claimed otherwise. 3) "We didn't know it would be like this". Anyone using that one is either lying or irresponsibly negligent. It was specifically their job to know, and many of them, especially those in the leadership, did know (as per #1 above). And that's not even mentioning the insult to the voters displayed by layering transparent lie on transparent lie, denying the obvious, or emitting similar fatuous nonsense. When I read some comments from some Democratic representatives, I wonder if they think the voters are as stupid as they are.
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