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Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius 'feels like' is safe from hackers and data thieves. "Trust your feelings" is not recommended managerial technique for computer systems technology. Yesterday she attended a publicity event for It crashed in front of her. "It says 'I’m sorry but the system is temporarily down.' ” said a reporter. “Uh oh,” Sebelius responded. A facilitator commented. "That's OK, it'll come back. That happens every day!". Ba-dum-bump. I must admit that there has been progress on making the front end of the site, the user interface, working better. Now to start on the security problems and the payment system. It was reported that a whole two people managed to successfully sign up..that is, select a the event. In the meantime, Chris Tarango, a facilitator who is with a group attemting to get people to sign up for Obamacare, was caught on tape agreeing to give out personal information of enrollees for political purposes. And the advice which the administration is giving to bypass the site and go directly to ensurers conflicts with the law which states that a person must use the exchanges in order to be eligible for the subsidies which are supposed to reduce cost. And, there is a deadline of Dec 15 in order to enroll and get covered by January 1, to avoid tax penalties. We haven't begun to hear from the people who thought they had coverage, only to find out they don't, or that their doctors aren't in the network. There is an endless line of headaches for proponents of ACA in the foreseeable future. The ACA is the Democrat's white elephant..too sacred to dispose of, too expensive to keep.
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