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Every day, there is more bad news indicating that ObamaCare is a terrible law, one that would be repealed if it were a well- intentioned mistake. A mistake it may be, but the Democratic leadership is so convinced of its own virtuous intentions and moral superiority that it can ignore such minor considerations as the fact that it had to lie to get the act passed in the first place, it can pass and keep it in place without Republican help or input, that the act is technically, economically, and actuarially unsound to the point that those whose insurance is being cancelled outnumber those who are being enrolled by at least ten to one, and that its poisonous unpopularity is beginning to threaten the whole progressive liberal agenda and the slender majority the Democratic party now enjoys. 5 And that law of the land which is constitutional, supporting that principle of freedom in maintaining rights and privileges, belongs to all mankind, and is justifiable before me. 6 Therefore, I, the Lord, justify you, and your brethren of my church, in befriending that law which is the constitutional law of the land; 7 And as pertaining to law of man, whatsoever is more or less than this, cometh of evil. 8 I, the Lord God, make you free, therefore ye are free indeed; and the law also maketh you free. 9 Nevertheless, when the wicked rule the people mourn. 10 Wherefore, honest men and wise men should be sought for diligently, and good men and wise men ye should observe to uphold; otherwise whatsoever is less than these cometh of evil. (Doctrine and Covenants 98:5-10) The United States government is in a state similar to that described at one point in the Book of Mormon: Condemning the righteous because of their righteousness; letting the guilty and the wicked go unpunished because of their money; and moreover to be held in office at the head of government, to rule and do according to their wills, that they might get gain and glory of the world, and, moreover, that they might the more easily commit adultery, and steal, and kill, and do according to their own wills— Helaman 7:5 There is little enough that I can do about this, except write about it, and raise my voice in protest.
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