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It took me a few days longer than I expected go go through the connections of institutions, culture, and so forth to antquity. I've been concentrating on the early 3rd millenium BC and late 3rd millennium BC.  These have been useful in motiving investigation of the 19th and 20th century so more useful outlines are starting to show up. So far, Egyptian and Indian civilizations are starting to show up in 3rd millennium BC, and the beginning of Chinese civilization  Nations and peoples are being connected to cities and social structure and change. I don't yet have any major cities traced to the early 3rd millennium BC. Social structure and change is being connected to nations and peoples, and various elements of institutions and culture are being backed through history. I note in particular that Abrahamic religion can be traced possibly as far back as the late 3rd millennium BC. It may take a little while yet to get to morre details of it, but this is an area to watch. 

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